Cancellation and Refund Request Form

    #1 Refund Request: Please Tick the applicable box

    #2 The date of cancellation request (In writing): Please Tick the applicable box

    #3 Reason for refund: Please Tick the applicable box and proceed as directed

    #4 Bank details for refund, should your request be approved:

    #5 Declaration:

    Warning: Giving false or misleading information is a serious offence.

    This declaration is to be completed by the person applying for the refund.


    Download the signature PDF

    Refund will not be processed if this form is incomplete and not signed.

    Important information about privacy, your personal information is protected by law, including the Privacy Act 1988. Important information about the collection, use and disclosure (to other agencies and third parties, including overseas entities) of your personal information, including sensitive information, is contained in form AWECRR1 Privacy notice. Form AWECRR1 is available from the Company’s website offices of the company. You should ensure that you read and understand form AWECRR1 before completing this form.

    Questions & Answers

    Am I eligible? Refunds can only be paid in limited circumstances, by completing this form we can determine if you are eligible and what you will be eligible for.

    Generally, a refund request can only be made by the person shown as the ‘payer’ on the receipt. If you are not the original ‘payer’ and you wish to request a refund on their behalf, then please contact us so that we can send the appropriate forms for authorisation to proceed.

    How do I request a refund? Complete and sign this form. Prior to submitting this form for assessment, you should ensure that you have filled out all the necessary questions, signed and dated the declaration and attached all supporting documentation if required. If you do not complete all the required details, there may be a delay in receiving your refund, if deemed eligible.

    What supported documentation will I need to provide if applicable? Clear and well supported reasons for requesting a refund. Attach any supporting documents or statements if required.

    How will the refund be made? If the refund request is successful, you will be paid the approved amount directly to the bank account details you have provided in section #4 please check that it is correct as we do not take responsibility for any incorrect details given. If gift voucher is the option, you will be emailed a copy to the email you provide in this form.

    How long will the refund take? There is no standard time for processing refund requests. Each claim must be individually assessed under relevant administrative or legislative authority however we will aim to process every request as prompt as possible. To ensure your request gets processed quicker please be sure to fill out all areas relevant, be clear with answers and send in supporting documentation if required.

    Where do I send the completed form? Please send the completed copy of this form to

    Review rights? There is no right of merits review of the assessment when an application for a refund is declined.

    What happens after I receive my refund if approved? By receiving your refund, you are accepting the cancellation terms. Your booking / case will be closed, no further action is required regarding the booking. You are not able to take any further action against this business or any of its employees regarding this booking.

    ! Due to several forms being sent back saying COVID is the reason for cancellation our terms and conditions clearly state: “Cancellations due to “acts of god”, epidemic/pandemic events or man-made disasters

    Our policy is all deposits, used or earned amounts are non-refundable however any additional payments you may have made will be either refunded or offered in the form of a gift voucher at our discretion.

    We understand & are most happy to assist you with postponing your Event to a near future date to avoid forfeiting. You must keep contact to agree on a new suitable date unless agreed in writing otherwise.”