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Event Tips & Tricks

Here are some free resources to help you create the perfect event. If you have an idea that you would like us to cover, please drop us a quick message.

2709, 2018

How To Achieve Any Event On A Budget

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How To Achieve Any Event On A Budget This handy guide can assist you with any type of event whether it be a birthday celebration, corporate event, wedding, graduation party or even fundraising. Events don’t have to break the bank to be amazing. First things first, the thing about budgeting is every event is completely different. Some have a low budget and some want the best of everything. It is up to you, the host/hosts, to ultimately decide on what you would like your overall budget to be. While keeping in mind that your budget does not have [...]

2106, 2018

Trending In Events 2018 & Rolling Into 2019

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Trending In Events 2018 & Rolling Into 2019 Our top 12 trends list for 2018/2019 in all kinds of celebrations. 2018 is almost at the halfway mark and 2019 will be here in a flash. We are super excited about the newest trends emerging and we love that people are wanting something different. Out with the overdone trends and in with the unique wow factor! If you’re stuck on ideas on what to do or where to start, these trends are sure to impress the guests. However, remember to always make it unique to suit you. That way its [...]

2106, 2018

How To Avoid A Disaster

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How To Avoid A Disaster Putting events together is a mammoth task and anything can happen at any time. Although we can not prepare you for every unfortunate, unpredictable circumstance an event can throw at you, we do hope this list will help at least a few common event disasters from happening. Here are our top 20 most common potential event disasters that can be avoided just by knowing them and being as prepared as you can be. #1 Backups For Everything To avoid running around like a mad chook on the day have a back up plan for [...]

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