Terms & Conditions

Here on out Absolute Weddings and Events Mackay Pty Ltd may be referred to as AWEM
Latest update on December 1st, 2020


All deposits are non-refundable. We require a 25% deposit to secure our services for your chosen date. If you are dry hiring items there may be a security deposit that will be returned once goods have been returned in an undamaged state.

Tentative Bookings

We do not take tentative bookings. We are not obligated to hold your chosen services or items for the said date until the deposit in full has been received in full. We may but are not obligated to contact you to offer you a chance to pay your deposit if we have a party interested in the same date.

Final and Complete Payment

Final and complete payment is required no less than thirty days prior to your event unless stated otherwise on your invoice. 

Failure to pay will result in all payments made to become forfeit and AWEM reserves the right to cancel your contract at any time once the thirty-day deadline has passed or we may choose to deduct items from your invoice to the outstanding value owed by you. Unless an agreement has been made with AWEM prior to the thirty days.

For events that have been booked in less then thirty days payment in full will be required as per the payment date given on your invoice/quote.

For personalised and customised products payment in full will be required as per the payment date given on your invoice/quote.

Some services (Wedding & Event Planning) may require a payment in full up front as we start the work as soon as payment clears.


You may cancel this agreement, in writing, for any reasonable reason. If the event is canceled at any time, refunds are limited to unearned fees, funds in excess of unused or non-refundable fees, and out of pocket expenses. 

If you decide to cancel for any reasonable reason less than sixty days prior to your event except for the death of an immediate family member or serious injury to yourself, your partner, or children, (proof may be required) then no refund will be given, and payment of your full invoice will be required by AWEM by the due date stated on your invoice.

Cancellations due to acts of God, epidemic/pandemic events, or man-made disasters policy is all deposits, used or earned amounts are non-refundable however any additional payments you may have made will be either refunded or offered in the form of a gift voucher if it complies with our terms and conditions. 

We understand & are most happy to assist you with postponing your Event to a future date to avoid forfeiting and will keep in contact to agree on a new suitable date unless agreed in writing otherwise.

Discounts and Complimentary Items

Discounted pricing will only be available for a limited time, if no deposit is paid within that time, we reserve the right to remove all discounts and or complimentary offers, at which time all discounted & complimentary items revert to full price.

Changes to Dates

In the event where you find your date to be no longer suitable and wish to change the said date, we will hold all fees for six months including your deposit, and notification in writing of said date change must be made no less than sixty days prior to your original event date.

It is your responsibility to set a new date with AWEM and we reserve the right to decline if that date has already been booked by another party.   

Each customer is entitled to one date change only, if a second or more is required then your deposit will be forfeit and a new deposit will have to be paid in full. 


You are welcome to make minor adjustments as you please and agreed upon by AWEM up until thirty days prior to your event after this time we will not accept any further changes to your invoice and the full amount on the last invoice sent will need to be paid in full.

If by chance changes do occur after this time you will be charged accordingly only if AWEM agrees to the changes and we reserve the right to decline all changes after this date.

Set Ups and Pack Downs

We call/visit your chosen location/venue approx. 2-1 week/s out from your event to discuss set up and pack downtimes. Generally, we will require to be able to set up one day prior to your event however depending on the scope of work we have to get done sometimes an hour or two is all we would need. 

Due to venues sometimes having other events booked in or clients only hiring the venue for the day of, we may only get a short time to set up if this is the case we have two options, One is we may have to bring in additional staff to accomplish the desired outcome in the short time frame in this instance you will be informed prior to your event and payment will be required by you before set up. 

The other option if you prefer is, we may have to deduct some of your items if we don’t have the time to set them up again you will be informed prior and we will ask what option you would prefer, it is your responsibility to organise appropriate access times with your venue.

Occasionally clients ask us to set up structures in a place that is not suitable, we wish to inform you that in some cases we may not be able to set up some structures (e.g., draping in high wind) this will be at the discretion of AWEM staff, in said circumstance no refund will be issued.  

Ceremony’s, Where AWEM sets up and pulls down a ceremony we will allow for up to half an hour after the completion of your ceremony before we come in to pack down unless an agreement has been made prior. 

Quoting and Quote Validity

Please note that we will only supply one free quote per event, each additional quote prior to the deposit being received will incur a $20 admin fee. You are welcome to make changes after your deposit is paid as we are spending way too much time doing up multiple similar quotes for people that may not even choose us, in the end, we would rather be spending that time on our secured clients. 

All quotes are valid for thirty days. 

With exceptions to promotions, discounts, and complimentary offers that have their own validity date.


We offer one free obligation free quote meeting for decoration jobs then if a booking has been received you will also receive one free meeting approximately between two – one month out for finalisation of invoice and one free week prior to meeting for finishing touches and location pinpointing per customer if you require any further meetings you will be charged a call out/admin fee.

Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

All gift cards and certificates will have a validity date and must also adhere to our T&C’s.  


Dry hire items are to be picked up by you the client or a person you authorise to do so as they will have to sign the paperwork, collection will be from our office or specified place at a time and date agreed upon by AWEM and yourself. Failure to adhere to this time and date will result in forfeiture of your hire and no refund will be given. 

In the case of AWEM delivery, there will need to be someone to meet with us at the location for the paperwork.

All hired items must be returned by the due date and by the time agreed upon by AWEM otherwise you will incur a full day hire fee for every day late, this will be charged and emailed to you every day, If you go over one week without returning we will assume you have lost the items and will send out an invoice for the purchase of said items.

All hired items must be returned in a clean undamaged state. 

If returned dirty you the client will be charged cleaning fees (linins must be shaken off and free from refuse, dry & placed in laundry bags provided, crockery, cutlery & glassware should be rinsed out and repacked into containers provided).  

If returned broken or stained, you the client will be charged for all replacement costs.

Responsibility for equipment remains with the hirer from delivery/pick up until collection/drop-off, ensure all equipment is secured and protected from the weather.

Missing Items

We turn up the day after your event to pack down hired items. If items are missing due to being removed from site it is your responsibility to deliver them back to AWEM’s office the following business day. If you do not deliver the item/s by the arranged time the following business day and do not try and arrange a day time you can deliver with our agreement then the item/s will be considered lost and you will be invoiced accordingly.

We are not responsible for any personal items you leave at the venue, when the crew come to pack down, if by chance our team has found something left behind by you and have brought it back to our depot, we will attempt to contact you to let you know about it so that you can collect it.

Damage, Breakages, and Losses

I the client understand that any and all damage/breakages or losses to hired item/s except for normal wear and tear will be invoiced to me by AWEM and paid for by me no later than fourteen days after the date on said invoice if AWEM does not receive payment and does not hear from you within this time AWEM will exercise their right to list your details with their collection agency.


All quotes, Invoices & any document with the AWEM logo on them remain the property of AWEM and we do not give our consent for these to be shown or shared with any other vendor, supplier, or person/people in general.

We will not under any circumstance share any client/client’s information, this includes but is not limited to invoices, quotes, and or conversations with anyone except our direct client/clients.

Private Errands

We do not and will not be responsible for running personal errands for anyone during, leading up to, or after your event (unless this service is included in your invoice).

Package Deals

Once you remove an item from a package deal that package deal becomes void and you will be charged full price for each individual item.

Office Hours

Please do not expect us to answer you immediately we are human too and we do have family’s I know that you want your event to be perfect and we can still achieve that without answering your phone call after hours or replying to your Facebook or email message within a few minutes, we do try our absolute best to reply promptly, however, there will be times that this may be delayed due to tech faults, busy with immediate jobs and inappropriate times.

On occasion we may miss a message/email don’t stress just try again we may have checked it while we were out on a job and were too busy to respond and we were busy making an event perfect.

Our office hours change through the year in peak season we are open longer and in low season we do try to have a little holiday at some point as our work if you could imagine is quite full on so we do need a little break to recoup if we are on holiday and you are an existing client we are happy to take your phone call if there is something you must let us know about your approaching event.

Our general key for replies is… General quotes up to two weeks. Event planning quotes up to three weeks. Email responses up to one-week. Social media responses up to one week. Text messages up to two days. Phone calls up to two days. This key is just a guideline and as we do get busy at some stages within the year if you don’t hear back from us in this timeframe please reconnect with us so that we can assist.


We reserve the right to use any photos taken of our services provided or items brought/hired to be used as advertising material.

In the event, we wish to use any of your photographers/videographers’ photos or footage we will consult with them on their legal obligations.

We also reserve the right to use any written testimonials, reviews, and comments if there is any reason you wish to object to this, please let us know.

Purchased and Personalised Items

All personalised and custom-built products are required to be paid in full (this is not included in your deposit) prior to the commencement of the work, a completion date may be offered in writing on your invoice/quote please let us know if you require it by a certain date. 

Please make sure you check and double-check all font and spelling if this relates to your product as there will be no refund or replacement if you give us incorrect information or have incorrectly checked the proof.

All Products will need to be paid in full prior to items being released.

All items purchased will be checked that they are in good, clean, and working order prior to leaving our office, if however, you receive a defective or faulty product you will need to return it so that we can investigate and offer a replacement or refund if necessary.


Refunds are limited to unused or unearned fees, funds in excess of unused or non-refundable fees, and out of pocket expenses. 

Refunds where payable will be processed within thirty days of cancelation.

Payment Plans

We do accept weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments (Excluding the deposit).

Please let us know if you would like us to set up a payment plan for you.

Please note by choosing this option there will be a once-off administration charge of $50.

This option allows you to pay off your invoice with no bulk sum you will not be charged additional fees even if you miss a payment just know that the full amount must be paid thirty days prior to your event unless prior arrangements have been made in writing.

Corporate Only

We only allow corporate companies to pay on delivery or have an account, if not paid prior or on delivery we are not obligated to let out, set up the equipment, or leave the equipment at the venue. 

There is an exception for companies/businesses that have used our services in the past and have made arrangements with us.

All T&C’s are subject to change by the Directors of Absolute Weddings and Events Mackay Pty Ltd it is your responsibility to keep up to date with them within our website at any time. If you secure your date with a previous version of our terms and conditions and no longer agree to the new ones, please contact us in writing within 30 days of the most recent update to apply for an exemption from the updated terms and conditions.

By paying the deposit or paying in full, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions.