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Trending In Events 2018 & Rolling Into 2019

Growing trends for 2018 & 2019
Our top 12 trends list for 2018/2019 in all kinds of celebrations. 2018 is almost at the halfway mark and 2019 will be here in a flash. We are super excited about the newest trends emerging and we love that people are wanting something different. Out with the overdone trends and in with the unique wow factor! If you’re stuck on ideas on what to do or where to start, these trends are sure to impress the guests. However, remember to always make it unique to suit you. That way its personalised and not overdone. Even if it doesn’t follow a trend, you can have fun with it and make it completely unique by thinking outside the box.

#1. Trading the sit-down meals for food, drink and dessert stations

Gone are the times of a sit-down meal as the rise of designated food, drink and dessert stations making meals more fulfilling in many different ways.


  • Make the stations unique with fruit designs, unusual take home bags and quirky quote signs.
  • Table platters are still growing in popularity with so much variety and amazing layout.
  • Picnic style boxes of pre-packed meals guests can take back to their table.
  • Bohemian/picnic style spot surrounded with pillows and a pallet table.
  • Dessert and lolly buffets (yes, they are still an in thing) used mostly as an alternative to guest’s favours and “thank you for coming” treats. These are getting bigger, better and more creative with every passing year. Doughnut bars and chocolate fountains are currently most popular.
The growing trend of food, drink and dessert stations.

#2. Technology Savvy Trend

It’s a new age so get with it! There has been a huge spike in events that use technology in so many different ways. From sending out invitations all the way to robot/computer services. Things like social media, computerized lighting displays, giant mirror photo booths, and self-serve computer operated bars are just a few things making the rounds at the moment and trends like this are only getting bigger.


  • Event apps have been taking the world by storm for a few years now. Gone are the times of bulky binders full of coffee stained paperwork. Now you can use apps for just about anything – planning your event, keeping track of guest’s numbers, even designing your own room layouts and clothing. It’s just endless and so handy.
  • Some photographers and videographers have been wowing us with their latest work using drones, 360-degree cameras, and don’t even get me started on the editing skills. Look for what kind of shots you would like and there’s sure to be a photographer around that can provide you with tech masterpieces.
  • Live streaming is a good one for guests that would have loved to come but just couldn’t there. There are a number of ways that you can live stream your event so that they can be there in a form and even have them say a speech.
  • Blank cakes with projected animations (cake projection mapping) and GoPros in the bouquets and buttonholes are definitely for the technology enthusiasts. Wear a Fitbit at your event which will record your heart rate for the day. This can later be turned into a work of art that can be displayed in your living room.
Technology can add flair as well as help organise and create any event.

#3. Shaping Your Event Trend

Circles and geometric theme events are shaping up to be the next big trend. Circular wedding arches and geometric displays can even create a futuristic look.


  • Greenery covered circular archways and backdrops make for timeless photos.
  • Food cubes on a tray getting passed around are simple and different. All you need is a variety of different foods and small square shape cutters for yummy bite-sized cubed food samples.
  • All kinds of geometric shapes as decoration for centrepieces and overhead masterpieces. A good change from the common fish bowls and cylinder vase.
  • 3D
Use circles and geometric shapes to decorate your event.

#4. Taking It Outside Trend

More and more people are starting to opt for the outside event trend. Whether it be a backyard reception, a garden luncheon, a beach birthday or even a gender reveal high tea, there is the right outdoor location for your event. The weather isn’t even an issue with all the different marquees now available. Some even have clear ceilings and window sides.


  • Citronella filled torches, candles and lanterns serve a double purpose. Mozzie deterrent as well as when done up, they can make for some great decorations.
  • It doesn’t have to be daytime for a wonderful outside event. Festoon and fairy lights look magical at just about any location at night.
  • If having a beach event, make a “leave your shoes here” station. You can complete it with a fun sign, paint brushes to dust feet of, parasols for those who may not like much sun, and a box of assorted sized thongs so that if they choose to wear shoes they don’t have to wear their best heels in the sand.
  • Be sure to bring tape, and sandbags or weighted items, as outside can get windy at times. These things will help keep you from chasing tablecloths around or the party sign from continually blowing over.
  • Tepees and marquees should be considered not only because everyone knows how unpredictable the weather can be, but also because they look great. They offer a degree of protection from wind, leaves, and animals and can give you more time to set up in some cases.
Host your event in beautiful outdoor locations.

#5. Bohemian Theme Sit-In Trend

Trends like the Bohemian style are still with us. The reason why no two bohemian styled events will ever be exactly the same is that they are all about being different. Because of their colours, chill areas, handmade decoration, and just an all-around great atmosphere, we are guessing this trend will stay around for a while.


  • Pallet tables surrounded by sitting and throw pillows on top of a blanket easy to do cost effective and relaxing.
  • Colourful lighting, like multicoloured party bulb strands, are great for this style of event.
  • Nothing has to match use all different types of handmade crafts as decoration like wind chimes, dream catchers, quilts and macramé.
  • Set the mood with a live band that you like this will be one of the keys to creating the perfect bohemian atmosphere.
Relaxed, colourful, carefree and whimsical describe the bohemian trend.

#6. Bringing Back The Bling Trend

The “bling” is making a come back with sparkling chandeliers and acrylic crystal curtains. You can transform just about any ordinary venue into a glamorous twinkling event.


  • Utilise the lighting to make the chandeliers really sparkle. Adjust dimmers or adjust what lights get turned on for the best effect. You can even get glittering effect lighting.
  • DIY glitter glam – find all those glass bottles you have laying around and cover them in glue and copious amounts of glitter. Wine bottles work great and you can add some flowers in them too.
  • Confetti cannons filled with mirror paper specks make a sparkling photo.
  • Acrylic crystal look curtains lining walls with fairy light curtains can turn a budget room into what will look like a room fit for a princess.
"Bling" includes sparkling lights, accessories and glitter.

#7. Going Green Trend

Not particularly new, but prepare to see this trend taken to a whole new level. With giant overhanging greenery pieces, wall panels completely lined, and absolute greenery masterpieces throughout the venues are just a few examples.


  • Make greenery table runners for your event using leaves of the big tree in your backyard and a length of rope. All you have to do is weave the small leafy branches into the rope to make a cost-effective thick green table runner then top it off with tealights.
  • For wedding ceremonies, there are two great greenery options creating the “wow factor” –
  • Create your own greenery backdrop with a garden lattice wrapped in vines.
Giant overhanging greenery pieces, wall panels completely lined, and absolute greenery masterpieces throughout the venues.

#8. Unplugging All Together Trend

It seems like the world of technology is starting to take over. Hence more events are turning into “unplugged” events. The main aim is to bring people back together, instead of bumping into them without even looking up or saying a word because you’re both too busy texting away.


  • Have a device drop-off point at the entrance of your event. This can be done in a number of ways but my personal favourite is a device check. It’s the same concept as a coat check except with phones & cameras etc. You receive a ticket for your device at the start of an event and then you get your device back at the end on your way out.
  • Unplugged signs get creative. Have fun with beautiful borders and quirky quotes to tell people to please turn off all devices and enjoy this event.
  • DIY a please leave your device in the box. Get a gift box and decorate it how you please. Add a padlock and kindly ask for your guests to leave their phones in it until the event is over and the box gets opened.
Unplugged, no mobile devices to be used throughout the event.

#9. Making Fun Of It Trend

This year’s events are going to be more fun and interactive. Yes, I hate to say it, but some events can be just plain boring. Getting guests mingling and having a good time is important for a successful event. If you don’t keep it interesting, you will start to see your crowd more interested in their Facebook feed then the special event you have put together or worse, they will just leave.


  • Lawn games are a fun way to get people interacting and challenge each other.
  • Turn it into a game. Here are a couple of examples.
    • I Spy by using photos or checklists.
    • Trivia questions. For a wedding, ask questions like when did they first meet? For a business event, ask questions like what was the last thing we posted on Facebook about?
    • Minute to win it style games. This will have everyone in stitches. From popping balloons in an odd way to trying to eat a sweet treat starting from your forehead by only using face muscles will keep your guests very entertained.
  • Bring back song and dance, and I don’t mean the chicken dance either. There are fun songs and movement activities that a group can do. For example, do a movement then the next person does that movement then adds one and it goes on and on till there’s only one standing. This also works for songs.
  • Teamwork/teambuilding activities are fun and have a purpose. An example of an activity is, what team can build the strongest bridge out of a newspaper in five minutes?
Lawn games, team activities, trivia questions, party games for events.

#10. More Colourful Than Ever Trend

The most popular colour trends for 2018 are reds and maroons with greenery. However, they are looking to be more colourful in 2019 with either bright bold colour pallets or even rainbow in bright or pastel. Colourful tropical scenes and rainbow table settings are brightening more and more events in 2019.


  • Don’t be afraid when using lots of colour. You can choose as many colours as you like. Its all in the portion that makes for a fab or tacky overall look.
  • It’s not just the decoration that you can colour it up you can also have colourful food and dessert bars.
  • Room lighting is another great way to add colour. Change the colour of your entire room or even just sections of it using wall wash lighting or projector lights.
  • On a budget? Not a problem. A cost-effective table centrepiece can be achieved using a clear vase, water and food colouring top it off with some floating candles or a few flowers.
Instead of using one or two colours, use a rainbow of colours.

#11. Clear The Way Trend

Clear signage, table numbers and even invitations are huge trends this year. Acrylic and glass sheets are making their way into the event world.


  • Laser cut acrylic table numbers are what started it all. They are a great way to not take the attention away for the table centrepieces. Or, if attention is what you want, LED strips along the bottom can illuminate the numbers.
  • Seating charts and welcome signs in either glass or acrylic sheets look super stylish. Most print places can print off vinyl stickers for them so that you don’t have to worry about messy or uneven handwriting.
  • Clear stands for table centrepieces can make your table centrepiece appear like its floating in mid-air. Clear stands also look great for your cake and dessert bar.
  • Even event furniture can be clear from chairs to tables also lots of other bits and bobs. These are called ghost furniture and are very elegant looking.
Through the looking glass - clear signs, table numbers, furniture and invitations.

#12. Mystical Magical Theme Trend

Although this one was once more suited to kid’s birthdays, it’s branching out into all events. From first cake smashes all the way through to high school graduations and we love it. Unicorns and other mystical magical creatures are one of the most popular trends alongside pastel and gold tones. This trend is going to be a hit on a big scale.


  • Instead of chair sashes use angel, fairy or butterfly wings.
  • Firefly/fairy light jars are super cute and can be done and used in so many ways.
  • Mystical creature themed food, desserts, cakes and even drinks will have everyone in awe.
  • Rainbows made from flowers or balloons make a magical entrance way.
Mystical and Magical Themed Events